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Arthur Rottman
Arthur Rottman was convicted of the brutal axe murders of the McCann family.
At the outbreak of World War One, Arthur Rottman, a German national, was working on a New Zealand ship. He was detained in New Zealand and went to work on a farm near Ruahine. The dairy farm of Joseph and Mary McCann became home to Arthur Rottman.

On 27 December, 1914, after a drinking bout, Rottman was confronted by Joseph McCann. An argument ensued. Later, during an attempt to mend a board in the cowshed, McCann was struck by an axe. In court it was established that McCann had been struck six times. Mary McCann and her baby were also killed by an axe in the farm house. After the murders, Rottman had taken a train to Wellington.

While looking for work Rottman stayed at a construction site where William Kelly became suspicious after reading the newspaper about the news of the "Ruahine Axe Murders". Kelly later contacted police and Rottman was arrested.

Rottman was found guilty of the murders on 13 February, 1915. Sentenced to death, he was hanged in Wellington at the old Terrace Gaol on 8 March, 1915.

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Arthur Rottman found guilty and hanged for the Ruahine Axe Murders in March 1915.

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