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Contribute to's stated intention is to provide New Zealanders with every possible piece of information they could ever require on crime related subjects. As such, we plan to keep adding content and whilst we have a team of dedicated writers working on this, we are also looking to you, our readers, to help with your ideas and contributions.
Content Contributors

If you are involved in any organization or project that deals with an aspect of crime and would like to see it online – please Contact us. We will be happy to discuss with you how we can achieve this. Your information will then go online in the site with your logo incorporated.


If you are a writer and have interesting true crime stories – contact us. We are able to put these online with your own byline. Or if you are a columnist you may want to have your say in our Crime Talk section. Simply send in your idea for a story, together with your contact details, and we will contact you.


We are actively seeking crime-related photos of past and present crimes. If you are an amateur or professional photographer with a collection of photos we would be interested in hearing from you. All photos would have their source acknowledged online.

Crime Related Support Groups

Put your brochures and contact details online. Contact us here to arrange this.

Book Reviews

We are currently working on book reviews (see the David Bain Case for examples) of popular books relating to true crime. If you are an author or publisher and would like to see your book advertised online – contact us with the details and we will consider the book for a review. Any reviews will be sent to you prior to publishing online.

Bright Ideas

If you have any good ideas on what you would like to see, or think could be useful to New Zealander's on this site - please tell us here.

All content must be of New Zealand origin and is subject to approval.

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