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Drug Abuse Drug Abuse

Crystal Meth / Speed / 'P'  Crystal Meth / Speed / 'P'
Methamphetamine or Speed in its numerous forms is dangerous and addictive

 Checklist for Parents Checklist for Parents
What do you do when someone in your family is taking drugs?

  What Drugs are a problem? What Drugs are a problem?
It is important to distinguish between the acute effects of drugs and the chronic effects

 Drug Culture Jargon Drug Culture Jargon
Parents today are trying to cope not only with drug use but also drug vocabulary

 Inhalents Inhalents
There were 40 deaths related to inhalants in the fifteen years between 1977 and 1992

Cannabis FAQ Cannabis FAQ
Comm questions about cannabis answered

 Cannabis Cannabis
Cannabis is the most popular illegal drug in New Zealand.

 What it means to be an What it means to be an "Addict"
Becoming a drug "addict" usually means a person becomes part of the drug based culture

 Drug Free and Happy Drug Free and Happy
Being drug-free can help you to lead a happy and successful life

 The Effects of Drugs The Effects of Drugs
The ways in which drugs can effect you

Why Take Drugs? Why Take Drugs?
People use drugs for a variety of reasons. But drug use can create problems in people's lives.

Things in common people addicted to drugs sometimes have Things in common people addicted to drugs sometimes have
a list of attributes a drug user may exhibit

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