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Drug Culture Jargon
Parents today are trying to cope not only with drug use but also with the vocabulary of the drug culture. While drug terms are continually changing and are sometimes different in different parts of the country, this list might help you decipher the most popular slang terms:
Acapulco Gold - a strain of marijuana with gold or yellow highlights.
Blow - slang term for cocaine.
Blow a Number - use cannabis.
Bong - a cylindrical water pipe used to smoke marijuana.
Bullet/Bullies - cannabis in tin foil.
Burnout - a slang term for a state of apathy and deadened perceptions which can result from habitual use of marijuana.
Buzz - slang term for a high or a drug-induced euphoria.
Cabbage - least potent part of cannabis plant, ie. the leaves.
Coke - slang term for cocaine.
Columbian - a strain of marijuana.
Crack - the most addictive and deadliest form of cocaine.
Deal/Deal Bag - cannabis in plastic bag.
Dope - slang term for marijuana and other drugs.
Grass - slang term for marijuana.
Green - cannabis.
Hashish - a form of cannabis made of either from the cannabis sativa plant or its resin.
Head - primo or solid. Most potent part of cannabis plant, the flowering part of the female plant.
High - a widely used slang term for euphoria and intoxication.
Hit - a single drag or inhalation of marijuana smoke.
Joint - a hand-rolled marijuana cigarette.
Loaded - slang term for state of being high or intoxicated.
NZ Green - New Zealand cannabis.
Nose Candy - slang term for cocaine.
Oil/Hash Oil - a form of cannabis which is extracted or distilled from cannabis sativa.
Ounce - a standard unit of measurement for marijuana.
Pipe - used to smoke cannabis.
Pot - a slang term for marijuana.
Reefer - slang term for marijuana.
Roach - the small end of a marijuana joint which remains after most of the cigarette is smoked. Can be sniffed or eaten.
Roach Clip - a device used to hold the roach or the tail end of a marijuana joint.
Rolling Papers - cigarette papers used to make a marijuana joint.
Scales - paraphernalia used to weigh drug quantities for selling purposes.
Shotgun - Method of using cannabis.
Smoking Stones - paraphernalia used to hold marijuana joints while smoking.
Snort - slang term for cocaine or for the method of use.
Snow - slang term for cocaine.
Spaced Out - slang term for a drug-induced state of being lost or out of touch with surroundings.
Spotting - using cannabis oil by burning on tin foil.
Stash - any container or place used to store marijuana or other drugs.
Stoned - slang term for being high or intoxicated on marijuana.
Toke - slang term for art inhalation of marijuana or hashish smoke.
Toot - slang term for cocaine.
Take a Toke - use cannabis.
Water Pipe - paraphernalia used to smoke marijuana or hashish which filters the smoke through water.
Weed - slang term for marijuana.
White Thing - slang term for cocaine.

Reproduced with the kind permission of the New Zealand Police Association

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Parents today are trying to cope not only with drug use but also drug vocabulary

New Zealand Police Association
Reproduced with the kind permission of the NZ Police Association

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