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Cannabis FAQ
Reproduced with the kind permission of the New Zealand Police Association
Q – Does cannabis cause respiratory cancers similar to those caused by tobacco?
A – Yes, people who smoke cannabis and tobacco have even greater health risks.

Q – Can cannabis decrease fertility and sexual drive?
A – Regular cannabis use has a noticeable effect on testosterone hormone levels in men and can affect their fertility. It can also lead to irregular periods for women.

Q – Can cannabis cause adverse reactions such as an acute panic attack?
A – Some people can become paranoid. They describe this as an extreme fear of losing control. This generally disappears after a few hours. In high doses cannabis makes people hallucinate - they imagine they are seeing things but do not tend to act out these fantasies.

Q – How long does it take for the body to rid itself of cannabis?
A – Cannabis is stored in fat cells of the body, especially in the brain, adrenal glands and reproductive organs. It can be stored there and in the human body for up to three months.

Q – Is it possible to become dependent on cannabis?
A – Most psychoactive drugs have the potential to create dependence. Many long term users find it difficult to stop using cannabis.

Reproduced with the kind permission of the New Zealand Police Association

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Comm questions about cannabis answered

New Zealand Police Association
Reproduced with the kind permission of the NZ Police Association

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