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Why Take Drugs?
People use drugs for a variety of reasons. But drug use can create problems in people's lives. In general, people who feel good about themselves, who are in control of their own lives, who can make their own decisions, and who aren't exposed to significant life problems, are less likely to have drug problems. Here are some of the reasons people might use drugs:
Pressures: People will sometimes take drugs because of the pressures around them. The fast pace of modern life, and the pressure to succeed and acheive in our consumption-orientated society can create unwarranted stresses. People will use drugs as a refuge or escape from these pressures, or because of peer pressure.

Curiosity: Is the most significant reason young people try a drug for the first time.

Imitating Adults: children copy the behaviour of adults, espically parents or caregivers. Drinking alcohol, smoking or taking substances might make them feel "cool" or grown up. They may misuse drugs if they see adults do this. They might be predisposed to using drugs because their parents did.

Availability: Legal drugs are easily obtained, espically if people have the money to buy them.

Quick fix it medicines: Many families casually use medicinal drugs to treat common complaints such as headaches, when other drug free solutions may work just as well. Young people follow this behaviour.

Rebellion: Young people growing up often have to face double standarda and pressures in their lives. Their bodies are changing, they may have mood swings, they are searching for their identity.

Risk Taking: The risk or potential danger of taking drugs may give a thrill to some people.

Life trauma: People might turn to alcohol or drugs following some serious event, trauma or problem in their lives, for example, the death of a loved one.

Kindly reproduced with the permission of the New Zealand Police Association

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People use drugs for a variety of reasons. But drug use can create problems in people's lives.

New Zealand Police Association
Reproduced with the kind permission of the NZ Police Association

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