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'Baby Kahu' Lower Hutt kidnapping
Lower Hutt police say they received dozens of calls about the abduction of an eight-month-old girl at gunpoint on Saturday the 13th April, 2002. A ransom of $3 million dollars had been demanded, but the public was never informed in order to protect the baby's safety.
Terence Traynor began preparations in 1998 for a kidnapping that would stun the nation.

He had stolen a license plate from a car park in Freeman’s Bay, Auckland. This was the first step in his plan to kidnap a wealthy person and demand a ransom that would make him rich.

Although Terence knew he was going to kidnap a high profile person it wasn’t until he read the Sunday Star Times 'rich list' in 2001 that he chose prominent Lower Hutt lawyer Donna Hall. Obtaining Ms Hall’s address from the electoral role, he spent the early months of 2002 making trips to Lower Hutt to survey Ms Hall and her families movements. During these trips he stayed at a local holiday park under the false name of Reg Baker.

During this same period he purchased a house in Taumarunui and proceeded to make alterations to the house so it could hold the carefully selected victim. Soundproofing was added and hinged plywood boards were used over window frames. The toilet and bathroom areas were accessible but entry to the rest of the house was unobtainable.

Of course these alterations were made with Ms Hall in mind but after seeing her on his first trip to Lower Hutt, he realised that she was too big for him. His attention transferred to her 8 month old adopted daughter, Kahurautete Durie.

Other preparations included renting a storage facility in Seaview for the storing the motor vehicle used in the kidnapping, purchasing a Mitsubishi Magna from Ellerslie Car Fair in Auckland and stealing another plate for the back on the Magna.

SATURDAY APRIL 13 2002: Baby Kahu snatched at gunpoint
4 years in the planning, finally the day had come for Terence Traynor to act  read story...
MONDAY APRIL 15, 2002: No leads yet
Police tell the media "There has been nothing that leads police to finding the baby, the offender or the car."  read story...
TUESDAY 16TH APRIL 2002: Randsom note posted
Terence left Baby Kahu and went out to post his ransom demands to Donna Hall. He believed that the Durie’s wouldn’t miss three million dollars considering the amount that the Rich List had quoted that the family had to their name.   read story...
SUNDAY 21 APRIL 2002: Police lie in wait
When Terence Traynor left the house that day, leaving Baby Kahu at home alone, the police that lay waiting, seized their opportunity to break into the house and retrieve her.   read story...
UPDATE MAY 2002: Kidnapper sentenced
The unemployed, 54-year-old man pleaded guilty immediately after being arrested.   read story... news related to this article
21 Apr 2002 : Baby Kahu safe and well and back at home

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8 month old baby kidnapped in suburban Lower Hutt

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