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Paul David Bailey
Fifteen year old Kylie Smith was in the prime of her youth, a high achiever and avid horse rider. Kylie had everything going for her and a bright future. Paul David Bailey brutally ended her life in a cold blooded, calculated attack.
Bailey came to Owaka, South Otago, under the guidance of members of the Baptist Church. One month before he had been charged with attempted rape on a woman in Ettrick, Central Otago. Given bail, he was brought to Owaka by Baptists and found employment, accommodation and a car. It was later revealed that the bail conditions stipulated he reside in Ettrick and only senior members in the Baptist church knew the brutality of his crime. Through witnesses, it was later established that Bailey was seen in his Volkswagen car following young girls, the school bus and parking around the school. Nobody knew his record, so he did not raise suspicion. As fate would have it, Bailey worked with Kylie's father, Bevan, on a plumbing job for the local chemist.

On the 1st of November, 1991, Kylie took her horse Nick, for a ride, after she came home from school. This was her normal routine and a pastime she greatly enjoyed. This day, Bailey was waiting in his car as she rode past.

According to court testimony and police reconstruction, Bailey brought a map of Okawa from Balclutha Motors that morning. He returned to Kaka Point where his de facto saw him loading a .22 calibre semi-automatic rifle. He drove his car around the Owaka district, stopping at the school, where he was warned off by a teacher. He parked on the corner of Stuart Street and the Main Road. Kylie rode past and he started his car and pulled in just ahead of her. He talked to her, then produced a gun and forced her into his car. With Kylie huddled on the passenger floor at gun point, he drove north out of Owaka. Travelling at speed, he forced another car into a ditch and then collided head on with a car driven by tourists. He backed the car up and took off again. Both tourists only saw Bailey. Kylie would have been on the car's floor on the passenger side.

Bailey drove to Painted Rock where Police believe Kylie was taken at gunpoint from the car and into the bush and forced to undress. She was brutally raped and afterwards, while she was dressing, Bailey shot her in the back of the head and twice behind the ear. He left after covering her with her riding jacket and foliage from the surrounding bush. It had taken two hours from when he forced Kylie into the car until he murdered her.

When Kylie's horse was found her parents Bevan and Dawn were deeply troubled. Kylie was an accomplished rider and the call for a search was responded to by many people. Kylie's body was found the next day.

Bailey was questioned both during the search and after her body was found. He refused to talk to the police and asked for legal counsel. Bailey was charged, convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for murder and thirteen years for rape.

If strict bail conditions were adhered to, Bailey would have not had the chance to wreck havoc on the family and friends. He would have lived in Ettrick, reported to police and would not have a car. Maybe the good intentions of the Baptists would have been better directed, if they had made the Okawa police and locals aware of Bailey's background.

In the book "Shattered Dreams - Families of New Zealand Murder Victims Speak Out", Kylie's father, gives his views on the shocking inadequacy of court bail. For his story alone, this book is something all New Zealander's should read.

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Paul Bailey - Kylie Smith had a lot to live for until she met this man - 1 November 1991.

 Shattered Dreams Book Cover 

 Shattered Dreams Book Cover 

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