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George Cecil Horry
A marriage to a con-man led to murder for the young and naive Mary Eileen Spargo.
George Cecil Horry was using his alias of George Arthur Turner when he married Mary Eileen Spargo. She was last seen on 12 July, 1942. Later on 12 December, 1942 Horry married Eunice Marcel Geale. A week later he turned up at his in-laws, the Spargos. He said that their daughter had been killed when the boat-ship they were travelling to England on, the Empress of India, was attacked by a German U-Boat.

William Spargo later found that no ship named Empress of India had sailed during the time. His suspicions took him to the police and from a letter he possessed he was able to trace the sender as Horry. With Horry's alibi the police were unable to do anything for nine years, when Mary Eileen Spargo was declared dead at the end of the legal limitation for missing persons.

As a result of evidence given by various aquaintances of the dead woman and letters from Spargo's parents, Horry was convicted of her murder. Mary Eileen Spargo was never seen again.

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George Cecil Horry aka George Arthur Turner and Charles Anderson convicted in August 1951 for murder.

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