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Stephanie Gouldstone
On August 17th, 1996 the tranquility in Paritai Drive, Auckland, was broken by the news of the horrific murders of an elderly couple by their caregiver. This is the story.
Emerch Fuzes (86) and his wife, Eva (81), were originally from Budapest and had come to New Zealand in 1960 to build a better life. They became successful through their business which manufactured plastic tubing. They were a hard working and generous natured couple according to friends. Two years prior to their murders, they had both developed cancer and sold their business.

As their health worsened, they engaged a private homecare agency called "Nurses with Hearts" to provide 24 hour care. Nurses were sent out to them on a roster basis so that someone was always there.

Stephanie Gouldstone, 38, was employed by "Nurses with Hearts" and on August 17th, she went to look after Emerch and Eva Fuzes. She was a registered nurse and had also been a Catholic Nun. The regular nurse was unable to complete her shift and Gouldstone was relieving for her. Gouldstone arrived at the Fuzes residence at 3:30 pm.

Around 11:00pm, a student nurse who was to start her next shift and relieve Gouldstone came upon Eva Fuzes's body, lying on the concrete steps outside the Paritai Drive home. The young nurse rushed next door and sought the help of the neighbours. Robert Cruickshank and his friend, Henry Brett entered the house and found Gouldstone screaming at
Stephanie Gouldstone admitted killing the couple, as she thought they were devils.
Emerch Fuzes while she used a chair to pin him to the ground. He had been severely beaten and there was blood everywhere. Brett managed to contain Gouldstone while awaiting the arrival of the police, at the same time Cruickshank tried to comfort the old man, lying helpless on his hallway floor. Police had to restrain a raving and kicking Gouldstone as they led her away for questioning.

Eva Fuzes was dead at the scene from a severe beating to the head and body. Emerch Fuzes died in Auckland Hospital four days later from head and body injuries caused by being kicked and beaten to death. He never regained consciousness.

Stephanie Gouldstone admitted killing the couple, as she thought they were devils. On checking into Gouldstone's background, it was discovered that she had a mental disorder and had been treated for psychotic depression. Whilst in police custody she had displayed these psychotic tendencies and thought the Fuzes were evil forces in human form.

Stephanie Gouldstone pleaded guilty to two counts of murder. On Friday the 13th of June 1997, she was found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity. She was sent to Mason Clinic, a psychiatry unit, in Mt Albert, Auckland, where she will remain for an undetermined period of time.

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The Paritai Drive Murders.

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