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Ray Mills
Ray Mills was a very successful businessman in the surplus goods trade, and was well known in Auckland. His shop, 'The Goldmine', situated in Auckland, stocks a wide range of products from factory overruns, damaged and clearance goods. His name became front page news when he was brutally attacked and the case was never solved.
On Wednesday, April 13, 1994, Ray Mills went to buy stock from an individual who had phoned his business with a good deal on products. He never returned back to work, and by late evening the family were very worried. They hired a private investigator immediately because Mills would have to be missing 24 hours before the police could become involved. The family knew it was out of character for him to simply disappear and worried that he had suffered a heart attack or similar. A publicity campaign was started, and Aucklanders were asked to look out for a black BMW with a registration plate of HK8. The police launched their inquiry and the search began in earnest for Ray Mills.

The call finally came in, that Mills' car had been found in the old city market building basement car park. Police searched the car and found blood and signs that someone had tried to set fire to it. Mills was found unconscious in a dark and bloodstained stairwell. Later at the hospital it was established that he had been attacked with a knife, hammer or pick, and a piece of wood. He had a fractured skull, jaw and cheekbone, his eye had been pierced with a sharp object and he had received various contusions to his face.

Ray Mills slowly recovered in hospital, however his memory of that day and the brutal attack has not come back to him. Police have found very little evidence to go on and the case remains unsolved.

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Ray Mills, entrepreneur, was brutally attacked and left for dead, in a case that was never solved.

 Ray Mills Portrait 

 Ray Mills Portrait 

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