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C. Costing, R. Edmonds, S. Lorigan, R. Midwood & P. McGregor
In September 1995, in West Auckland four women and a man, took turns beating and torturing their landlord in his lounge. Claire Marree Costing, Rachael Edmonds, Sonia Lorigan, Rachel Midwood and Peter McGregor, made the victim (name suppressed) sign a statement confessing to acts of pedophilia with six children. The vigilantes (abusers) had apparently found written evidence that their landlord/flatmate was involved in sexual abuse of young children.
The victim was tortured with kicks to the face and torso, electric shocks applied to his penis, caned, and burnt with cigarettes whilst bound in chains.

18 hours after the ordeal first started, his tormentors dropped him off at Waitakere Hospital. He was transported to Auckland Hospital and because of his extensive injuries, a police enquiry was started.

The women involved
The victim was tortured with kicks to the face and torso, electric shocks applied to his penis, canned, and burnt with cigarettes, whilst bound in chains.
believed they were teaching a lesson to pedophiles everywhere.

There has never been any evidence of the victim having been involved in pedophile activity.

Claire Costing received 4 years jail, Rachel Midwood was given 3.5 years jail, Peter McGregor was given 2 years jail, and Rachel Edmonds was given one year in jail and a year's supervision. Sonia Lorigan was not sentenced.

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The story of flatmates taking the law into their own hands and the torture of their landlord.

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