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Alcohol Changing your behaviour
 Choose low, alcohol beer and drinks.
 Dilute alcohol with large mixers and lots of ice. Try white wine and soda in a tall glass.
 Alternate drinking- For every glass of alcohol, have a non-alcoholic drink. Try a lime and soda with lemon.
 At a dinner Party Put water and glasses on the table so guests can choose water instead of wine.
The Alcohol Advisory Council (ALAC) has a series of six booklets -“Your Drinking and Your Health”- which can help problem drinkers concerned about their drinking.

Alcohol Facts – True or False

 Drinking too much alcohol won’t kill you. T F
 It’s dangerous to drink alcohol while taking other drugs. T F
 Anyone can develop an alcohol problem. T F
 Alcohol has no effect on the body or the mind. T F
 A pregnant woman who drinks alcohol risks damaging her baby. T F
 Two or three alcoholic drinks every day is OK. T F

Alcohol Facts-Answers

 FALSE - having too much alcohol in the body can be fatal.
 TRUE - polydrug use, using alcohol with other drugs, can seriously alter the body’s reaction to alcohol.
 TRUE – no one is immune to the effects of alcohol, though different people may react differently.
 FALSE – alcohol depresses the body’s central nervous system. It slows down the mind and the body's reactions, and over a long time, can actually damage the body. Whether or not someone is able to “hold their liquor” depends on: sex, weight, past tolerance, hormonal activity, age, amount of food eaten, other drugs taken, other disease conditions.
 TRUE – the best advice for a pregnant women, or a woman planning on becoming pregnant, is not to drink.
 FALSE – Alcohol is best consumed no more than two or three times a week in limited doses.

Reproduced with the kind permission of the New Zealand Police Association

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