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Those involved in the case
A guide to the main people involved in the David Bain Case.
David Cullen Bain, 22 years old, classical music student at Dunedin University. His interests included marathons, cross country running and theatrical operatic performances. He was convicted on 21 June 1995, of the murders of his family in June 1994.

Michael Guest, Dunedin, David Bain’s defence counsel.

Jonelle Williams, legal assistant to Michael Guest throughout Bain's trial.

Wayne Idour, former police officer and defence private investigator.

Detective Chief Inspector Peter Robinson, Dunedin CIB, officer in charge of the Bain murders investigation.

Senior Sergeant Jim Doyle, Dunedin CIB. second in charge of the Bain murders investigation.

Senior Detective Milton Weir, Dunedin CIB. Officer in charge of the murders scene.

Constable Van Turnhout, Dunedin. Stayed with Bain in his room until he was taken to the police station for questioning.

Alec Dempster, police pathologist.

Doctor Pryde, police surgeon brought in to pronounce the victims dead.

Kim Jones, police fingerprint expert.

Bill Wright, crown prosecutor.

Fran Edwards and Sue Brampton, Telecom, Christchurch, emergency operators who handled the 111 call made by Bain.

Peter Hentschell, forensic scientist for Environmental Science and Research Limited.

Dean Cottle, Laniet Bain’s friend and potential witness. His testimony was not admitted at the trial on the basis that it was hearsay.

Justice Williamson, presiding judge at David Bain’s High Court trial.

Stephen O'Driscoll, David Bain's current lawyer, replacing Michael Guest.

Joe Karam, former All Black and David Bain's most proactive supporter. Author of ‘David and Goliath', the book on this case and a re-examination of old and new evidence recently released through Reeds Publishing.

Nicholas Greet, wrote anonymous letters after Bain was convicted implicating himself, but since discredited.

James McNeish, widely published author who was present at the Bain trial. Author of the ‘Mask of Sanity' book which supports the jury verdict, recently released through David Ling Publishing.

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The primary people involved in the David Bain Case.

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