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The technology behind
Behind this crime site is an assortment of sophisticated technologies, based upon the latest Microsoft Internet products.

Internet Information Server uses Microsoft IIS, the latest web server which has a large number of advanced features. Probably the most significant feature is Active Server Pages support, which allows server side database access and personalisation.

Microsoft NT Server

Microsoft NT has developed into a full enterprise operating system,and was chosen by NZCity for the crime site because its reliability, flexibility and scalability will allow to grow exponentially to service its visitors.

Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft SQL Server provides the all important database back end, where all manner of site information, including all of the Crime articles are stored for instant retrieval.

Internet Explorer support - Dynamic HTML This site has a number of additional features which become evident when the viewer is using Microsoft Internet Explorer. These include "tool tips", which allow pop-up information when a mouse is held over certain parts of the page and some Dynamic HTML animation.

Active Server Pages
The articles shown in are displayed using ASP technology, Active Server Pages. This means that the page can be prepared on the fly by the server at the time when a user requests the page, according to the requirements of the viewer. In addition, if required, some processing can be done by the viewers computer.

NZCity's own technologies
In addition, technology created by NZCity has been used to "glue" the site together. The majority of the pages on this site are dynamically created and served up from an SQL database, meaning that additions and changes can be made to the information without changing the pages directly themselves. This means the articles and other content of the site is independent of the site layout.

Crime NewsLinks
A key feature is news stories from the Crime NewsLinks, a subset of the sophisticated NZCity NewsLinks site. Crime NewLinks automatically scans the latest news stories from providers around the world, with the top headlines appearing on the home page.

NZCity NewsLinks gives you a summary of the latest top news stories from a multitude of the best local and overseas news sources, all on a single page. You can click down to the source news articles, or you can search the whole NZCity news database for articles on any particular topic. The most complete summary of news in New Zealand.

NewLinks Features
  • All key news categories covered. Business, Computers, Entertainment, General, Sport and Weather.

  • All Major Web News Sources. Latest news from major news sources consolidated into one place, CNN, MSNBC, NBR, TVNZ, FoxNews, The Press, BBCWorld, Reuters, CNET etc.

  • Over 100,000 article links and growing. Links to over 100,000 news articles are available.

  • Unique News Search. Search the news. Type in a keyword or words, and you can search the thousand of articles.

  • User category definitions possible. NZCity can create a personalised service for specific requirements.

The advertising shown on is served up by the WebAds Internet Adserver, a central distribution point from which ads can be delivered to any web page in New Zealand or indeed to anywhere in the world. The simplest way to deliver a series of ads to multiples of sites, and the easiest way for a site owner to display ads on their sites. WebAds tracks all important data about the ads it serves, including the number of hits, the number of click-throughs, even how many uniques users have seen the ads, and the frequency they have seen it. It can even control the frequency, and sequence ads so that a person sees a different ad each time, in any order.

NZCity can configure the crime site to the tastes of individual users, just as NZCity itself can be customised. This feature will be added to if there is a demand.

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Behind this crime site is an assortment of sophisticated technologies, based upon the latest Microsoft Internet products.

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