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Opinions of the remaining Bain family
From the outset of the 20 June 1994 tragedy, the Bain and Cullen relatives maintained a supportive and responsive approach towards David, at the same time allowing due process of the initial investigation and subsequent actions to occur. Their strength and caring were demonstrated by their support for David before his arrest and since his imprisonment.
They chose to keep quiet throughout this ordeal but have since come out in support of police handling of the case. They believe the verdict was reached through proper legal process. A statement released by family lawyer, Judith Ablett Kerr, QC, of Dunedin and Wellington lawyer Justin Smith, says the Bain and Cullen families have not publicly commented on the case because they believe ‘the course of justice does not benefit from speculative media debate’.

David and Goliath author Joe Karam says he often thought about the family and can understand they don't want the case kept in the public for years to come. He also believes the family is embarrassed about their private lives being put on display. The Mask of Sanity author James McNeish says the family did not wish to be involved with his book, and he believes the family has suffered enough and deserves privacy.

Uncharacteristically, the late Robin Bain’s brother Michael appeared on a 60 Minutes television programme on 22 June 1997, following debate over McNeish's just published book. Michael Bain said he had seen David in Paparua Prison as recently as March and said he was always very pleased to see them. He is reported as saying David remains adamant he was innocent of the murders but notes there is no evidence of grief, remorse or an apology.

The Bain family rejects Laniet’s claims to friends she had been raped in Papua New Guinea and that she had a baby there.

Michael is reported as being angry David Bain had allowed allegations of incest between Robin Bain and Laniet to go unchallenged. Michael says the claims are ‘absolutely unjustified’ and ‘a fantasy in (Lainet’s) mind’. Michael said he put it to David that if Laniet had been telling untruths about the baby and the rapes, it is possible she was also telling untruths about the alleged incest. He said David refused to discuss the issue. “He immediately went on the offensive, got quite angry and objected to the fact that he had no control over his situation.

"I believe David knew what was about to be published in Joe Karam’s book and I believe David did not want to discuss the issues that I had raised because they were being addressed in the book," he said.

Mr Bain said his impression of David was changing ‘because of his disloyalty to the family's reputation’, which he said indicated David ‘did not have a great feeling for them’. "I would tend to the view that David is actually self-centred, rather than family-centred, self honour rather than family honour, and could be coolly deceitful." he observed.

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