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Joe Karam launches appeal for Bain
In January 1996 Joe Karam became involved in the campaign to free David Bain, who had been found guilty of killing his family. A former All Black, he has since become even better known through television, radio, press and magazines coverage in his efforts to have Bain pardoned. So how did he become a crusader trying to right what he sees as a great legal system injustice?
Joe Karam was well known during his time as an All Black and was with the team when it toured the United Kingdom and France. Rather controversially at the time, he ended his union career when he switched to league at the age of 24. He is now a successful businessman, living in Ardmore, out of Auckland and has three children.

His involvement in the case began when he read in the New Zealand Herald that Bain's supporters, who included his former music teacher, girlfriend and others, were launching an appeal to raise funds to refer the case to the Privy Council in London. Bain's high court appeal had failed the month before and this seemed to be his last chance. After reading this, he had a nagging doubt that if Bain's friends thought he was innocent, maybe it warranted further investigation.

Karam’s initial thoughts had been that he would contribute to the appeal financially, if he saw evidence of Bain's innocence. He contacted Mike Guest, Bain's lawyer, who confirmed that money was needed for the appeal and provided him with a case overview.

Karam, through Guest, met Bain at Paparua Prison in Christchurch. After talking with him and going over the trial evidence it seemed clear to Karam that if what he had read and seen was true, Bain did not belong in jail. He decided to fund the appeal and obtained the rights for all magazine articles and books - which he would share with Bain.

He became an honorary member of the defence team and gained access to all case materials. He has become Bain's strongest supporter and has spent a lot of time with him. Karam believes the jury did not see all the evidence and that Bain did not get a fair trial.

Since the Privy Council in London turned down the appeal, Karam has replaced Guest with lawyer Stephen O'Driscoll and barrister Colin Withnall QC.

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In January 1996 Joe Karam became involved in the campaign to free David Bain.

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