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David Bain - A Profile
David Bain - nurtured beside spiritual philosophy and pagan rituals?

David Bain was born on in Dunedin on 27 March 1972, the first child of Margaret Arawa and Robin Irving Bain. Soon after, the family moved to outback Papua New Guinea where Robin worked as a missionary teacher.

While in Papua New Guinea, Margaret Bain began to explore spiritual philosophy, astrology, homoeopathy and pagan rituals. Her beliefs included reincarnation and that she could contact the spirit world through seances. It was well known that during those early years, the Bain children were allowed to run wild and free. Their intention had been to remain in Papua New Guinea for three years but this extended to 15 and the family returned to New Zealand in 1988.

Margaret Bain home-schooled her children and later, they also received some education through correspondence schools. David was happy in Papua New Guinea, sailing, camping, scuba diving and playing with other children. Robin was appointed deputy principal of Port Moresby Teacher’s school. At around 12 years old David began to attend school which was a hard transition after having been taught at home.

His parents experienced relationship problems in the last three years of their stay and Margaret Bain wanted to come back to New Zealand to the home they still owned in Every Street, Dunedin. They all returned and David, then 16, his sisters and brother found the transition hard at first. The following year he began to settle down, joined the school choir and his grades in seventh form improved. Encouraged by his parents, he entered university and kept up with all his other activities - singing in an opera company and running including competing in the National Cross Country Championships in Invercargill.

However, he did not perform well at university, dropped out and went on the dole. He then joined Opera Alive and worked almost full time on productions. He later went back to university and studied classical music and also took voice training lessons. Three weeks before the murders he had taken his girlfriend to a ball at Larnarch Castle.

David was said to have a co-dependent relationship with his mother and had been influenced by her beliefs from an early age. But in spite of his rather strange upbringing, could he have murdered his whole family that June 1994 morning or was his father Robin a killer, suicider? These remain hard questions to answer with certainty. Read James McNeish’s book The Mask of Sanity and you’ll probably share his view and that of police who investigated the deaths that David is the killer. Read Joe Karam’s David and Goliath and you may share his view that David Bain is innocent. The only one who knows for sure is David himself and he denies it.

Read the facts and theories on this web site, then try to sort the answers for yourself.

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A profile on David Bain's life.

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