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25 July 2002 - 3rd man appears in court, suppression order challenged
52-year-old Barrister and property developer, John Arthur Burrett, of Upper Hutt appeared in court two days after the other two arrested men as he was receiving treatment in hospital relating to his arrest.
Arriving at the court handcuffed to a police officer, clad in his pyjama’s and barefoot, he was charged with attempting to kidnap; attempting to commit an armed crime, conspiring to kidnap, intending to confine, and conspiring to kidnap, intending to obtain a ransom.

His lawyer has indicated that he will not be pleading guilty. He is remanded in custody until 29th July 2002.

Following the court hearing Mr Burrett spoke to the media, revealing that he had a badly damaged arm and leg. Advising that a tendon had been severed in his arm and a chunk of flesh had been removed he also complained of police brutality. He alleges that he was kicked and punched by the police.

Burrett’s lawyer Peter Richardson speaking for his client said that the whole thing had been an elaborate game, that became seriously unstuck.

Police investigate circumstances of injuries that John Burrett received during his arrest on Monday night.

Investigations are underway into the injuries that John Burrett received during his arrest, this will incorporate any other issues that Mr Burrett wishes to raise.
Superintendent John Kelly, Wellington Police District Commander advises that an inquiry into anyone receiving an injury during an arrest is standard practice.

Bunker believed to be built to be used on a kidnapping was removed from the bush.

The bunker in the Tunnel Gully Reserve was airlifted by helicopter out of the bush and placed on the back of a truck to be taken to a secure storage area. Forensic work begins on the structure.

Other key updates for 25th July
  • Good response given to the police in regards to the sighting of the 1998 red Falcon car, Registration “JenniB” in the Plateau Road area.

  • Dominion Post challenged the suppression order on the targeted victim, claiming members of the public already aware of his identity.

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52-year-old Barrister and property developer John Arthur Burrett of Upper Hutt appears in court

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